We are enjoying time with the Engstrom clan in Cedar Rapids, Iowa! After a memorable trip to find a pumpkin patch with what seemed like off road driving through corn fields:) (except for the frigid temps we felt like we were back in Africa) 🙂 we have been enjoying great food at Jason’s parents house. Bibi Rhoda also had a craft day with leaf rubbings, stickers, galore, and even pumpkin tattoos for the kiddos. We have loved spending time with the Dillman family (Anni reunited with cousins Joel and Silas, and we met Anni’s new cousin Joshua!) We also spent the day today in Iowa City with Jason’s sister Annie and her husband Justin and their little girl Claire who was born after we left for Africa. Claire is so sweet and LOVES Anni, she even shakes with excitement when she sees Annikah. Here are some pictures of the festivities so far. Trick or treating tonight….Yeah!
cousin hugs….Silas & Anni have been looking forward to this for a long time!
Anni & Silas in the Dillman’s backyard “park”,
Anni was super impressed!

playing in Bibi & Babu’s house…tearing the joint up! cousins reunited!
Annie & Claire

kissing cousins

fall decor is fun!

trying out my new camera!

Bibi with her granddaughters

Bibi teaches the kids how to do leaf rubbing

Joel made a book

Silas & Anni show off their “tats”

works of art

carousel ride with Claire

the indoor play place at the mall will have to do since it is sooo darn COLD!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Indoor play places are great! My girls love them and we have to go to those places, when we are in germany!It´s a MUST…

  2. Anonymous says:

    looks like you guys are so enjoying your visit back!