Thanks to everyone who offered prayers and called or emailed to ask about how my various doctor appointments went these past 2 weeks. We have found a practice near my Mom’s house in Wheaton that we will use for the arrival of mtoto mchanga. The doctor we met was very nice and although we waited forever (we are good at that:) he was experienced with situations like mine and offered various options for us. I also was a good preggers and got my flu and H1N1 vaccinations there. We will deliver at Central Dupage Hospital if everything goes as planned and we have heard great things about it from friends that had their baby there. It has a huge new wing for labor/delivery and mother/baby stuff so we are excited! We have not been on a tour yet nor do we have any clue what the set up or plan will be but honestly anything here is more familiar and probably better than anything in Tanzania so we are not that worried.

After a brief scan for growth the Friday we returned the doctor ordered another scan with the specialist on Monday at the hospital. I was hoping everything would be fabulous meaning we would be smooth sailing until checks toward the end of the pregnancy. The great news is the baby continue to measure at her due date, I have gained a few more pounds since returning to the states (there is a reason why we are the fatest nation people!! The food rules!), and although I don’t feel like “myself,” for my sicky prego self I am feeling better most days and able to function and eat. The placenta blood flow looked ok as well so that was great. The doctor did see a “sign of stress” as he called it and wants to recheck with non stress tests every week and an additional high risk scan in 3 weeks. The issue as explained to me is that although her measurements are on target her abdomen is measuring too small for the rest of her body possibly due to her not getting enough nutrition. He boiled it down by saying she is “too skinny.” Poor baby but it honestly does not surprise me as I lived on bread and coke for months. He said she could just be predestined to be tall and skinny (in which case she will thank me profusely one day:) or it could be a result of lack of nutrition during pregnancy, an untreated thyroid issue early on, and /or the HG. It is too difficult to separate out what may be the root issue nor does it matter at this point. We just have to monitor it more closely and continue to pray everything is fine. The doctor ordered another thyroid check which came out normal this time: YEAH!(we will recheck soon). He also said most babies catch up with the growth before birth and I was encouraged again that ultimately this is all in His hands. I am grateful for the medical care we are able to get here but also it is just a lot to take in and I continue to wonder if we would be better off in some cases just not knowing since I cannot really DO anything about the situation. Physically the pregnancy has weighed on me so much and Jason was not able to go with me to this last scan so hearing everything without him (luckily my mom was there) is just emotionally exhausting. We will have the non-stress tests here in Iowa but may have to return for the next major scan if we cannot find a doctor who will do it out here (Jason’s initial calls did not go well). We know everything is in His hands and with perfect His timing so we wait yet again but this time not much longer, less than 2 months to go!! Thanks everyone for your care, concern, emails, phone calls, and prayers.

  1. Anonymous says:

    So glad to hear it all is ok, I was curious but didn't want to bother you. Enjoy Iowa and maybe I'll make a trip to CDH to see mtoto mchanga (or should I say Fatima Faith) once she make's her arrival.

  2. Anonymous says:

    yay! i'm glad for the good news, and so glad that you are feeling better. i'm excited to meet this mtoto mchanga! i'll hope and pray that she makes her appearance before i leave on dec. 11 šŸ™‚

  3. Anonymous says:

    If you guys would be up for company while at CDH, maybe we could come see you!

  4. Anonymous says:

    praying, praying, praying for that baby girl – grow strong little one- and that all of the details fall into place. thinking of you lots!