By far the most difficult part of living overseas is being so far from family and friends. There is no substitute for time spent with ones you love and we are soaking it in, sort of saving it all up for a rainy day (or a stifling hot day with no power day as our case may be). Thanks to everyone who has come to see us already and we hope to spend more time with those that are dear to us soon. We just arrived in Cedar Rapids and are spending time with Jason’s fam for a few weeks.
Beck and her girls drove up to Lake Geneva….sort of like the “band being back together”

showing Ais & Indi her “monkey room” in Bibi’s house
we celebrated my Dad’s Bday and Anni was more than happy to help eat his free dessert!

we stayed in Chicago with friends Jim and Andrea and their son was so sweet to share his bikes with Anni

no sidewalks where we live so Anni loved it!!

spending time with Laura & Joshua in Lake Geneva….
NOTE: 9 month pregnant friends who drive to Lake Geneva to see us get rock star awards!
next time we see each other we will both have newborns šŸ™‚

Joshua and Anni…they are only 1 week apart!

Jill also came all the way to Lake Geneva!! My friends rock!

Anni reconnects with some friends at our church in Chicago

taking a ride on Great Grandpa’s new wheels!! We got to visit Jason’s grandpa as well as my grandparents. Annikah performed some of her songs she learned at her school and after singing her ABC’s my grandpa yelled “what language was that?” He needs a hearing aid but we love him!:)

our friends in Chicago had a mini welcome back party for us but I forgot to take more pics. It was awesome to see everyone, especially so many new babies born since we left and to reconnect. They even had chips, salsa, and guacamole from our fav restaurant in the city!! They also collected clothes for Anni and I as well as tons for the new baby.
Community is a blessing we do not take for granted! Thanks everyone!


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