So I have not been doing a lot of nesting in preparation for this baby. Mostly because I cannot wait for her and I to live separate…….I am positive it will be better than the current sharing of space:) But also because it is pretty hard to do nesting sort of stuff when one is living out of suitcases in various locations. But I did complete one “just for this new baby” project before leaving the island. It is not spectacular, it is not super creative, but I did make it…..just for her.

A group of commonly minded friends on the island tried to come up with various projects we could do with local women using all local materials. Of the fun list of ideas I decided to try a baby mobile. I used kangas (dirt cheap fabric that women wear as skirts and head coverings and also serve just about EVERY purpose….seriously now that I have used kangas I cannot live without them). We each brought a couple kangas and then cut the fabric up and swapped to add variety and color to our projects. I sewed the kangas into mini shapes, used local cotton (seeds and all) to stuff them, bargained for some ribbon in town, and Anni and Zawadi helped me gather some sticks to hang the shapes together and here is the finished project……
I hope mtoto mchanga will enjoy my nesting efforts above her pack and play when we return home.

  1. Anonymous says:

    that is beautiful, my dear! much much love to you–thinking of you and hoping that all the transitions are going well!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I never saw the finished mobile – good job! She will love it! My “project” is still not ready jet…

  3. Anonymous says:

    this is beautiful!