Just wanted to update on some more of what we did in the week and a half Bibi & Katy were here. Here are some pictures of our first few days…

The small plane we took to the island.
We were so excited to show them around our school site. It looks great and for the past few months since we have been “out of the game” ( & by ‘out of the game’ I meaning ‘puking in the house’) our team mates have been doing all the work and doing an amazing job. Above is Rich working on the roof of the car workshop.
school from the front gate….check out that coral rock they dug up

I love this picture of some of Jason’s friends that are working on the classrooms that will be used for teaching English, computing, etc. Exciting Progress!

Mom, Katy, and Jason went on a spice tour to see how they grow the spices here.

Lots of shopping in town….Mom managed to fill those suitcases! Was there ever any doubt?

Showing them around some of my favorite stores in town

We took a drive to visit some of Anni’s favorite sites. On one drive we got pulled over and because Mom was not wearing her seat belt she was written up and told we had to appear in court. Sure, a family of five can ride on a motorcycle with no helmets but hassle us for no seat belt…. really? After about 45 minutes of arguing our team leader showed up (he happened to be driving back from another part of the island with his family) and since he knew the officer he talked to him for a few minutes and offered him some soda …two minutes later he told us we could leave and ripped up the court notice. We were relieved Mom did not have to spend the rest of her trip in a Tanzania prison, always a good thing!
Anni shows Katy & Bibi how the women wear their head coverings above.

We had to show them the forest full of crazy monkeys…it was an adventure as always!

How amazing is this picture Jason took? They are THAT close!

Annikah has been taking about taking them to see the kipepeo (butterfly) for months and they enjoyed seeing the local butterfly sanctuary

how sweet is a chubby hand holding a kipepeo?

I love this picture Katy took…pure joy!
more to come……
  1. Anonymous says:

    Fabulous pictures! Looks like fun times were had by all. Great to see you out and about, Roxanne. I'm sure you needed it even if it tired you out. What a blessing family is.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love the pic with Anni and the butterfly too! It was all great, just spending time with my marvelous family. Miss you all already. I sent more emails, so I hope you are getting them???? Feel better, I'm so worried about you losing another pound after we left again. I know Rhoda and Jim will have a great time too. Miss you all….Love Bibi

  3. Anonymous says:

    yay! so cute! i don't think i mention often enough how freakin' beautiful you are, my dear (and i'm thinking this as i see the picture of you and katie walking with anni's hands)… and anni is so adorable. love it. thanks for posting these pics!

  4. Anonymous says:

    What wonderful pictures! I love the story about the seatbelt – I'll try to remember to wear mine at all times while there! (which I do anyway. Anni is getting cuter all the time, and so glad you could go to some of her favorite places together.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Anni is wearing the scarf you sent! At least it looks like it! I'll take style how to notes on how to wear it. Also used my bag today, so cool I love it!

  6. Anonymous says:

    great pictures – especially the butterflys. Doro