This is my new favorite picture! Anni and the b-day boy!! One of the first days my mom and sister were here I took them to a friend’s house to celebrate her son’s first birthday. It was a small party and although we arrived late my friend was walking up to her house at the same time as us telling me she had to bathe and change:) When she finally did make her appearance she looked gorgeous in her new dress, hair-do, and beautiful henna. I had tried to prepare Mom and Katy for everything. The basics we figured out quickly after moving here; always take your shoes off before entering any one’s home, eat anything offered even if you are not hungry, how to greet people, etc. But upon entering I realized I had forgotten to tell them that for celebrations almost always the furniture is moved out of the house and everyone sits on mats on the floor. I am so used to this that it never even crossed my mind to inform them but they both did amazing! Considering everything that was said was Kiswahili and the room was extremely hot they were gracious and I think even had fun!! We danced, drank fresh juice, did thew whole cake thing (everyone feds the b-day boy, takes a picture, everyone then gets a bite), and spent time with everyone. It was awesome to be able to share some of the culture and dear friends I have here with my family.

we all sat on the mat waiting for everything to begin

Anni actually followed the “rules” this time and waited for her turn to eat the cake!!
She is learning culture!

Go Katy!

everyone feeds the cake….

and everyone gets fed cake…

and there are many photo ops! This is one of Anni’s friends in our neighborhood

Bibi got to hold the b-day boy! He was a little unsure of who this Mzungu was….but he did not even cry.
  1. Anonymous says:

    I cannot believe how big Anni is looking in these pictures!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Wish I could be at Anni's birthday! Make sure to feed her cake from Bibi for me! Glad to see you at least felt okay to paot again. I am so worried about you after Rhoda's email. Sorry you are so sick again, honey.