We did not do much for Father’s Day. I still am struggling to have much energy for anything besides breathing…..but we could not let the day go by without an ode to the greatest Papa we know!! I helped Anni paint a picture for Jason and he did get to go out and get the closest thing to a burger here which made him a very happy boy! He also sported this shirt my mom brought for him.

It came with paints to make hand prints and Auntie Katy helped Anni put her lil’ prints on it; pretty sweet! I even forgot to send my own father and father-in-law something!! I am a jerk. I plead a sick jerk, but still: jerk. Sorry! I am hoping the Papa’s in my life will forgive my minimal efforts because they certainly do not reflect how thankful I am for the fathers in my life.

Despite the lack of “hoopla” I have to give Jason special props this year; He already is the best Papa for Annikah and the most amazing husband I could ask for. I just cannot let the day pass without acknowledging the awesome man he is and has become. Especially over the last 4 months he has proven over and over again that his devotion to the Lord and our family are the driving forces in his life. He has been taking care of me, dealing with the emotional wreck I am in addition to being an invalid, carting me around to see various doctors, cleaning up my puke, doing all the housework, trying to still work, and doing everything with Annikah. I know he has moments of frustration but he always is willing to serve and love us, despite our unlovable moments and for that I am truly grateful. Happy Father’s Day to all the Papa’s out there and for my husband… I love you and am so grateful God put us together…through it all.

My favorite pic of Annikah and her Papa, so content she does not even notice the extra breeze…

  1. Anonymous says:

    that picture is hysterical!!! i laughed out loud! happy father's day, jason! love you all.

  2. Anonymous says:

    =)so sweet. so cute. jason is definitely an extraordinary papa and hubby. what a blessing!much love!

  3. Anonymous says:

    No apologies needed, we can celebrate it again in a few weeks. By the way, is Annikah planning to be a plumber when she grows up?

  4. Anonymous says:

    So Rox, I TOTALLY have missed reading your blog!! I went on an internet hiatus for the past month while traveling the continent. BTW, I told Sarah Ayrton that you are preggers. I just got all caught up. I'm sorry you're still sick, but glad that you and everyone enjoyed the visit of your mom and sis. Much love and prayer to you!! <3 M