My mom and Katy left yesterday. It was such an amazing blessing to have them visit and I miss them already. We toured the island, visited our school site, they met many of our team here and tons of our local friends and neighbors, shopped until we almost dropped, experienced the beauty of this place as well as some of our frustrations in living here, helped me during a tough time, and loved on us (pics to come as soon as I look thru the billion we took). I felt a bit better with them here but I think I definitely overdid it as I am exhausted. We took them to catch their first of 4 flights after some last minute shopping and beach time. They were hassled at the local airport about having too much luggage but after Jason argued a bit in Kiswahili they only had to pay 10 US dollars for all the overage:) Once we had to say goodbye all of us girls burst into tears at once. All the women in my family are emotional, and I love it, makes me feel normal, known, understood. We had tons of people watching us cry and hug and cry more and hug again. I think after so much time apart I can convince myself that although I miss my family I am really ok, really able to thrive apart from my loved ones but after some time together I really realized how true it is that one of hardest things about following this leading here is saying goodbye over and over again to those who have had a huge part is making me who I am, those people that are my safe place. There is a huge sacrifice in missing the big and small in each other’s lives; holidays, dinners, births, parties, phone calls, and tons of other times. After they walked through security and turned the corner out of sight I started sobbing. Like had to sit down sobbing. It hit me I may not see them again until after a year has passed, after we have another baby, after so much has happened in all of our lives. I collected myself and we got in our car and drove the 5 minutes home. Anni kept hugging me and touching my face saying “Mama, it is ok, Bibi and Katy go but me is still here.” It was so sweet and comforting. But it remains that I am missing them already. It means so much that they traveled all this way to experience how our lives have changed, to see the work of our hands, to just be with us and bless us with their presence and the dear reminder that although we are far away for the time being we are family and the bond we have transcends distance.

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    I am so sorry, Rox. I can't imagine how you must feel right now. I am glad that you were able to spend time with your family, though, and have them spoil you a bit. Miss you!

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    You have truly made a life of your own there. Where ever you go, people are effected by your inner beauty and wisdom and mostly your strong faith. Katy and I cried all the way to Dar. Knowing I won't be at the birth of this new baby, like we were for Anni, was more than I could handle. I talked to Rhoda today, and told her how lucky she is to have Jorie just down the street. Her boys love their Grandma, and she gets to see them all the time. Anni wasn't even sure who I was when she first saw me in Dar, and it wasn't until she would let me catch her in the pool the last day, that she even wanted to play with me instead of Papa. I feel I can be apart of your experience because of the blog, but she can't be apart of our world. I loved watching her play with all her “best friends”, I just wish I was one that lived down the street. You are so strong, I could never do what you are doing there. And your team were great to meet. I don't know how people ever did this without modern communication abilities! I feel like the mother bird who taught her little chick how to fly, and then she flew off and left me behind. I am so glad Anni was there to fill in for us, how sweet of her. She is so much like you! Thanks for showing us your “special” island. Get some rest, and take care of yourself and that new baby. Our love will always be here waiting for you to come home again…..

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