Uploading all this pics with sketchy Internet is quite a feat! Here are some more of our time with Bibi & Katy. Our team leader and two of his girls joined us in renting a small boat and heading to the island with the huge tortoises and a beautiful beach. We spent the day relaxing and playing in the sand and water. Ahhh!

Anni and her friends get ready for the boat ride

boat ride over…..Mom and Katy were a little leery of the boat but we made it safe!
Every time we take a boat Anni claps & cheers when we get there safely, I think she is a little shocked šŸ™‚

there were very few people on the island…..we basically had our own island paradise…Amazing!
exploring the island, it used to be used for a quarantine center
Katy feeds the giant tortoises after Anni showed them the ropes..
Everyone (minus our team leader taking the picture). We all loved feeding them mchicha!
Anni LOVES these girls!
Anni wanted to wash the sand out of her suit and I could not resist taking this pic……
little tan lines are so sweet.
Jason shows off the eel our team leader speared scuba diving
Wearing a starfish the boys found scuba diving

Anni and ” my best friend” enjoy the sand bank

more later……
  1. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic photos Rox! I especially love the one of the boats. Maybe I'm just “into” boats! Thanks for taking the time to upload! I love all your posts!

  2. Anonymous says:

    It was such a great day, and no rain, even tho it threaten at first. The private beach was wonderful, and neither of us got sick on the boat! Thanks for taking us!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I just can't get over that water that Anni and her friend are in in the last picture! Amazing, it is so clear. I love the boat picture too! I want to frame it and put it on my wall!Kim Wheaton

  4. Anonymous says:

    I sent RX to Rhoda. Grandma wants to write you and since you're not getting emails, here she is:hello darling, There will probably be many mistakes in this because I no longer use the computer where we live. I just wanted to say many thanks for the thoughtful things you sent me for my birthday and Mother's Day. We haven't tried the coffee yet because we had a can of Folgers opened, but we will as soon as the Folgers is empty. Love the little soap dish and the tiny bars of soap! Daddy just got a letter from you with pictures that was delivered to the old house in Collinsville a year ago. Anni looks so much younger than now.She is certainly a doll. I still hate that you are all so far away. I wish I could see her everyday. I terribly sorry you have been so ill, but if you get another one like Anni it will be worth it. I enjoyed the pictures your Mother brought home so much. It truly is another world, but I still wish you were coming home sooner. I have to close now, but know I send much love to you all. And come home soon. Great-Grandma K.