Once you have a child your ability to interact in appropriate ways drastically goes down hill. For example, before the process of giving birth I would have found it in generally poor taste to discuss hemorrhoids on a coffee date or perineal tears over a glass of wine and bread at dinner. But once you go through this whole crazy ordeal these topics are busted wide open and sharing what some deem to be gross and icky stories is actually quite fun. Comparing war stories of birth and now discussing the digestive health of my toddler seems fair convo at almost any time (I know I need help or maybe just a night out!). I have actually had to catch myself in an over share and quickly think of something else to discuss with my single friends or friends without kiddos (sorry guys!).
In this vein of my inappropriate over shares I thought I should post that Miss Annikah Joy (much to her horror 13 years from now at my sharing her business) pooped in the potty 3 times!!! Yeah! We have not been really trying to potty train but I did get her a potty around Christmas because she showed some of the signs I read about toilet training readiness and she seemed pretty interested after watching her friend Zella use the potty. At first she sort of thought it was a reclining chair that she should haul around the house and sit in to play blocks or read a book (hey, papa thinks it is a great reading seat). After checking out a potty video from the library (as an aside I noted to J while we were watching a cartoon panda bear sing about pooping & peeing in the potty and being sure to wipe that my life as a cool person is indeed over if I ever was cool šŸ™‚ she showed more interest and I found her putting her beloved baby on the potty a couple times. Well, last week I saw her making THE FACE, you know the one that says I am pushing out something nasty and she pointed to her diaper and I asked “Anni do you need Mama to change you?” She replied yes but upon removal of her diaper there was notta so I suggested the potty and she was very happy to sit on it. A few minutes later we had poop!!! Now you would think the girl recited the Gettysburg Address by memory the way I was jumping around and excited. She got a sticker and an M&M and was very proud of herself. She enjoyed the flushing part the most. I did not post about this as I was afraid it was a fluke but since then we have had 2 more poops in the potty. The M&M’s are flowing and Mama is proud. I realize it may still take a while to potty train her but it is cool to see the big girl Annikah changing. I know this process will be long and may be difficult from may discussions with other exhausted Mama’s. It is already annoying for me when she tells me she wants to sit on the potty she wants all her clothes off (except her shirt) and half the time does nothing but still wants the M&M (sneaky girl after my own heart). That is the inappropriate news around here, just thought I’d share!

  1. Anonymous says:

    everyone is happy I did not include a photo on this post šŸ™‚ tempting though…..

  2. Anonymous says:

    Way to go Anni. I can remember the “You pooped in the potty dance” very well. She is so bright, she’ll get the whole thing faster than you think. Then “big girl pants” and soon VS thongs! Time flys!

  3. Anonymous says:

    It would have been funny if you did post a photo–HA!! Anyhow, I am thinking that maybe I should jump around & get all excited everytime I take poop–I do not want to miss out on all the fun–HEE!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Way to go Anni!! We started toilet training Silas recently, but had some mixed results, so we are taking it slow for now. He loves to go in the potty and laughs hysterically every time. No poops though!