So it has snowed yet again. If anyone out there is like me you may be desperately trying to make it through the rest of the winter setting your psyche on survival mode. Symptoms of winter blahs: forgetting what your toes look like, wondering if it will ever be hot enough to be outside, to sweat, or swim, your pasty self glows from afar, and generally hating on bundling up like you are ice fishing to even run an errand 2 blocks away. This past weekend it was actually very sunny although still pretty cold. We took a family walk and I appreciated the winter beauty.
Too often I focus on the dirty, black, muck of winter that I see everywhere but after a walk down the pier in Roger’s Park I appreciated winter, even if for only a moment.

There were individual plates of thick, glistening ice that resembled sheets of glass arising out of the frozen water. The motion after the freezing had created beauty.

The individual pieces would not have been beautiful if they were not joined with the others in a display that really amazed me. Maybe I am feeling a little philosophical but it reminded me of the beauty of my own brokenness. Together every piece of me God is forming into His plan for my life that is in constant motion. It was awe inspiring and even Anni stared at the ice for a long time. It was a wonderful winter walk as a family.

  1. Anonymous says:

    When you are dying of the heat in Africa, you will wish for some of that beautiful ice. I love walking in the snow when it is falling at night. It is so bright and clean and beautiful.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i was thinking what a beautiful memory you’ll have of this time in your life. living in the city, with your little girl, taking walks by the lake. nice metaphor on our brokenness.