Last night we went out to see Wicked. It was actually my birthday present from Anni (through Jason). It took so long for us to go because we got a great half price deal. It was a stress free and wonderful night as Michelle babysat for Anni for free so I could also go downtown early to work at the Chicago History Museum. It was a huge blessing to know Annikah was in great hands and getting to hang out with her friend Gilly. After the meeting at the museum I swung by and picked up Jason and we only had about 20 minutes to grab a sandwich and get to the theater before curtain. We made it to the show just in time to find our seats and glance through the Playbill.
I had heard so much about Wicked from others as it has been in Chicago for a while but here are some of my thoughts. I really liked the set, very cool and almost more The Wiz like than what I expected. I also liked the creative back story to one of the best loved stories of all time although some of it felt a bit forced (like the lion and tin man connection, plus if she loves animals so much what about poor Toto?). I thought many of the themes woven through the show were very interesting and apropos of issues we face today. The obvious theme of judging people based on differences whether perceived or real was a great commentary on fear and control in society. The Wizard also said that the best way to unite a people is to “give them a common enemy” which has been so tragically true throughout history. I really did like the music although there were only a few songs I consider to be sing along-able (when I take long road trips I usually break out soundtracks and sing at the top of my tone deaf lungs, favorites include: RENT, Jesus Christ Superstar, Ragtime, and Les Mis). My last observation is the same as almost every time I see live theater and that is that it blows my mind that the actors and actresses can perform up to that level everyday. They have really amazing the talent and although they often do not get the attention of the “movie stars” to me they are the real artists that bring scripts to life. Hats off to them! As an added bonus I thought about the awesome lessons in hard work, confidence, humility, creativity, and team work I learned in my former life of acting. I had great memories flood my mind of when I played the Wicked Witch of the West in junior high in a park district production of the Wizard Of Oz. I always knew she was really the good guy just a bit misunderstood šŸ™‚ It was just the night out with my hubby I needed.


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