We went to a true Chicago treasure today: Indian Boundary Park. It is not flashy or commercial just special and quaint. Amidst the concrete and buildings it was nice to find a quiet park with more trees than people. The park has a small fountain for the kids to run through, a great wooden playground that invites great imagination games including forts complete with good and bad guys. They also have some farm type animals and a small duck pond. Annikah fed ducks for the first time much to her delight. She also squealed and pointed at goats and geese. On my long run this morning I was sad as it seemed as though our last free summer weekend in the city would be rainy and dull (although getting rained on for 16 miles is WAY better than humid heat) but it turned into a gorgeous day. We were determined to enjoy it!


  1. Anonymous says:

    way cute outfit on both you and anni!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hey, we live right by Indian Boundary! I can’t wait to bring Spike there next summer when he is Anni’s age. I have a feeling he’ll eat what was meant for the ducks as well. haha!