As many have heard I had some weird fever, virus, overall feeling yuck thing last week. Well, I thought after a trip to urgent care and some strong drugs it would be knocked out. Last week 7 days of a fever sent me back to another doctor who was horrific and basically confirmed my belief that I HATE going to the doctor by sating; after I had already waited an hour to be seen, “hmmm, you have had a fever for all those days and feel bad……yeah, that sucks!”
Thanks! I know that! That is why I came to see you!! She had nothing helpful to say just the predictable “rest and take is easy and the virus will pass.” After I told her I had an almost one year old she again was super helpful by saying “Oh, yeah, you can’t really take it easy.” Really, I could have gotten better advice from the guy at Jiffy Lube (and at least I could have gotten my oil changed while I wasted an hour of my life I will never get back). If it sounds like I am bitter; I am! I started to feel better so I figured I was fine but this morning I was feeling a bit tired again so I took my temperature and there it is again:102.3!! Crazy!
So, in an attempt to NOT lose my mind I am putting this illness up for a vote.
Do I have?
A. a bizarre virus that is going around
B. some sort of flesh easting bacteria (if so, I wish it would migrate down to the bootay area šŸ™‚
C. nothing and I am just crazy
D. You make your own disease
Hmmm, so weird!

  1. Anonymous says:

    hmmm, well, a fever means your body is trying to kill off something. so personally, i’d let your body do its job and drink lots of water, eat lots of fruits and veggies and rest as much as possible (maybe your running isn’t helping? i don’t know). but yeah, that doctor was so not helpful–and you definitely can’t rest a ton with anni around! sending sympathy vibes your way!

  2. Anonymous says:

    thanks girl, I am trying all of the above. I did take 5 days off running. The weird part is I actually feel better after I run now. I am seeing a new and hopefully more helpful dr. thsi week šŸ™‚ Thanks girl! No need for sympathy- just send some healing vibes šŸ™‚