Recently we have discovered that Annikah knows a lot of words. It seems almost like it happened overnight. She points to the object you are talking about and if you ask her “where is ____?” (blank being baby, dog, cat, etc) she goes to said object. It may not seem like something to get so excited over but we are pretty impressed with her. It is crazy that all this time she has been hanging out not knowing what things are but listening, cautiously observing, absorbing, and then BAM! she is ready to bring it!

This video shows off her new found ability to “fetch” things with one minor mistake (Mickey ran interference). And no she is NOT wearing a thong- those are shorts that are dwarfed by her generous bootay and gi-normous cloth diaper šŸ™‚
*special mention and thanks to the Grandmas who bought the items she adores getting (Grandma Rho gave her the “baby” which she kisses nonstop and Grandma Ronnie gave her the train which she chases all over only stopping to groove a bit to the beat it plays). Fabulous friend Andrea also gets a special kudos as she gave Anni the “doggie” that she loves kissing and finding.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am truly amazed by this Roxanne! I wonder what sinks into Gillian’s little brain when we are talking around her. Yay for Anni and her brilliance!!!