Here is a video of Annikah’s new favorite game. She enjoys this game as we are trying to dress her and get her ready for bed. The “rules” of this game are that she throws the pacifier (that she has no use for other than as a toy or if another baby has one- then watch out cuz she will rip that sucker right out of any poor unsuspecting baby’s mouth). She throws the pacifier on the floor and then laughs as Jason or I reach down to pick it up. She then repeats this until we take the paci away. She has also recently added the trying to propel herself off the changing pad and watching as we try to keep her from bungee jumping with no cord. Fun times.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Her laugh is so contageous. She ought to be in commercials making the big bucks! You just laugh back at her. What a sweetie!