OK, so I admit I am a diet coke junkie. Jason and I are really trying to keep to our grocery budget and since we have gone over the last few months we decided to cut many frivolous thing such as ice cream and pop.
I am more of an addict that I thought. After being deprived & standing strong for almost a week I cracked. It is a crazy hot day and we walked back from the car repair place (our air conditioner among other things is broken on our car- a friend of mine suggested that there is some car vortex as so many people are having car problems right now- I agree!).
After having lunch I saddled up Anni in the baby backpack and headed to the lake. Anni had a blast swinging and I got to chat with other Mamas who were in a heat induced coma as well. On the way back a CTA bus passed us with an ad for a nice big cold cup of coke from Mcd’s. “It had me at Hello” shall we say and it triggered a desperate need for Diet Coke. I hate to be a sucker for advertising but I admit I was now frantic for a nice, cold, tall glass of Diet Coke. I searched my backpack, no money and I knew I had no more cash at home. I was not about to charge 89 cents (although this is not entirely above me as I once charged 2 bucks:). We walked all the way back home and I was determined. I searched my purse for change, our couch, the stroller (which proved to be advantageous as I found a quarter). I finally “stole” some change from J’s change jar he keeps hidden away. I justify this act of theft because I was hot and feeling the craving bad.
We walked back to McD’s and I got my Diet Coke and it was so fabulous and wonderful. The bonus is that when I am finished drinking it I can go swimming in the cup šŸ™‚
  1. Anonymous says:

    Yjis reminds me of the first trip to England and Europe when I was pregnant with you. There was no ice to be found in London, and they were having a heat wave. All I could think of every waking minute was the Nestea ice tea commerical where the guy falls backwards into a swimming pool for the Nestea plunge! I just wanted somethin ice cold to drink. What is wrong with those Brits, anyway?