So monkey has been so fussy for the past few days and I am losing it. She makes her what I like to call “dead monkey” noises all day (although this is perhaps a misnomer as I guess a dead monkey would be silent). But her noises are in no way silent. She groans and whines practically all day. In my feeble attempts to get her to stop and be happy I pretty much go from holding her, to bouncing, to nursing, to dangling an array of toys in front of her. I feel like she is Hitler and I am appeasing her….”go ahead take Czechoslovakia.. Poland too? Sure! Why not!”
Anything to get her to subside with the whining. After cataloging the noises and general fussiness and concluding that she is too young for PMS I think it may be teething. A girlfriend said she agreed and that it should pass within a week (only to return every time a little tooth emerges- YUCK!). I hope it is teething but I feel like every time a baby is less than adorable in attitude and over the age of 4 months people jump right in with “it must be teething.” What if Anni just recently decided that is was fun to whine and fuss and watch me desperately try to stop her? I hope not. It must be teething and I hear it goes away and my sweet baby will return soon. Until then I shall march on in my noble fight against the dead monkey noises…

ps. Speaking of horrendous noises: what was up with Sanjaya on Idol?- it was hard to watch like staring at a train wreck in slow motion!! I am embarrassed FOR him. I love that Randy, Simon, & Paula have even given up on even commenting on his singing. Hint:If your performance makes 10 year old girls cry you are not a serious singer!

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am sending Anni some supertooth expel vibes…pobrecita! It is really the worst feeling to not be able to make them feel better.Sanjaya? Oh, what can you say about that? Every time I think people sound awful, the judges praise them, and when they do well, they are shredded. So, last night he got praised by everyone but Simon. ?? And let it be known that there are many a sappy girl who LOVE a good prepubescent looking androgenous girly-boys. I, myself, have always loved them. Till I married an honest to God Guy.