I was introduced to this term by a girlfriend of mine who had twins around the same time I had Annikah. Ok, We need to pause for a moment to appreciate the gravity of twins!!! I cannot imagine, but she and her hubby are doing great and the babies are growing so quickly. You would never guess they were early and she had so many complications. Now they are giving Annikah a run for her money! We used to work together and still try to connect often to marvel at the crazy antics of our bambinos. Well, I was telling her the “woe is me” story of how Annikah pretty much screams in horror when (Gasp!) someone that is not Jason or myself tries to hold her. The situation was starting to get nasty. I can count on one hand the number of times I have ever left her since she has been born (which might be part of the problem) but nonetheless she just “knows” when I am about to hand her off. Even if it is just to actually go pee by myself (a luxury you no longer take for granted once you have a baby. In fact, my friend Beck mentioned the crazy amount of times she had realized her zipper was open after having her second baby. It is because you pee so fast that taking the time to do something frivolous like zipping your pants would result in full scale meltdowns so one must chose carefully and washing hands always wins out over the zipper).
I digress, so “mamitis” is the Spanish slang word for babies who are obsessed with their mamas. I do not need a diagnosis- I know this is what Annikah has! But I am excited to report that my mom was able to watch Anni and even put her to bed this past week without me!! Also, on our trip to Iowa Grandma and Grandpa Engstrom got to hold her, feed her, and even make her dance crazy (well, just Grandpa did that šŸ™‚

Hallelujah! I know that this “Mamitis” will rear its ugly head again but for now I am happy that she seems to be warming up to the outside world.
  1. Anonymous says:

    no kidding about the ziping!!! my deal is that I can unzip while holding elliot, but I cannot zip while holding elliot. grr. and sometimes–gross–there is no alternative but to be holding elliot.I was talking to a very pregnant friend recently…she wanted to know what she should really do to take advantage of her last days as a non parent. I told her to eat a meal with two hands. But I should have told her to enjoy the two-handed toilet trip!! Much more valuable!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This blog has been fun and encouraging to read, Roxanne. Thanks for sharing so many of your daily thoughts. Leah