This is a simple story about a girl who just wanted to get her free undies……
My mom had one of those free undies coupons (I say “undies” because i cannot bring myself to say or write the p-word as I call it, you know the other word for gal’s underwear). Anyway, being a thoughtful Mom she gave me the coupon so I could pick out a cute pair for me. So, I ventured out with Annikah a while back to a certain national lingerie chain (with the initials VS) which shall remain nameless :). Strolling thru the mall we approached the store not knowing what we were in for….We entered and usually there is always a helpful (even sometimes annoyingly perky) sales person to ask if you need help (as if declaring your bra and underwear size is your favorite thing to do). But not on this day, as we entered no one, notta, in fact I did not even see anyone who worked there. So we made our way to the back as with the stroller I dodged string thongs and nighties that seemed like some sort of strange torture devices. After a valiant effort we approached the register to find someone who could point out the free undies so I could get my pair and get out asap. Here begins the saga. I had to wait in the line because as I said there seemed to be no one else working there. After just 30 seconds I realized why the line was not moving. There was a sales person (who we later discovered was the manager) “talking” to a customer. I say talking because it was more like arguing and snipping at each other, it was so rude it was a couple snaps short of a Jerry Springer episode. There was another Mom with baby in tow in front of me and we kept exchanging glances that read “can you believe these fools” but we waited patiently. After about 5 minutes of this discussion here is what i gathered: the girl that was buying something was an employee from another store who I think was being shady by trying to use some sort of unauthorized discount at this store, well the manager was not having it and threatened to call her store and get her fired. Neither one of them was going to be wrong or back down which resulted in a stand-off. Meanwhile two more VS employees came out of the back and you would think they would help the now 3 customers waiting in line but no they proceeded to watch the verbal bashing of the two women. Finally, the customer yelled “just give me my bag and I’ll leave” and reached behind the counter and grabbed her bag and spun around to leave. She then uttered the B-word under her breath. Well, this is when the manger screamed “what did you call me, she called me out my name!” I had flashbacks to the halls when I taught middle school. Allow me to translate: calling someone “out they (their) name” means calling them a B*#@*! I discovered this after a breaking up a few fights when I taught 8th grade(one of which I got clocked straight in the jaw). The manager then leaped sideways across the counter and ran after the other woman. I am sure she was just going to offer to give her a free bra fitting šŸ™‚ The other two employees ran after her leaving me and the other bewildered customers alone in the store looking at each other as if we were on candid camera (or wished we were). I tell this story because a few things went thru my mind: 1. I have become a lightweight wimp as I used to see this stuff everyday and learned to not let it bother me but now with Annikah sitting watching this all I was sensitive to her witnesssing this clearly dysfunctional behavior and wanted to shield her from it and 2. I could not believe grown women were acting this way and thought it was normal. Finally, everyone came back in the store and we were helped, I mentioned to the emplyee that I thought the behavior was crazy unprofessional but no apology. She just said “we had to go out there to make sure she didn’y lose her job by beating up that girl.” Oh, well that explains it! I picked out my undies and got the heck out of there. I got home and it was still bothering me so I called and talked with some people at corporate and rehashed the whole sorted affair.
I was inspired to write this story up because this week I got a 25 dollar gift certificate in the mail! Yeah, hopefully this time I will have a better experience getting my free undies, or at least sans WWF(VS) smack-down!

  1. Anonymous says:

    i too HATE the “p” word. Hate it. whenever I get a “free P” coupon in the mail, brandon torments me with it, waving it around saying, “free p? free P?” and I HATE it.the whole time brandon was in india there was an abandoned pair of P’s floating around our alley. They MOVED; everyday they would be in a different place, all wadded up and nasty. I found it so disturbing. WHO WAS MOVING THOSE P’s? WHO? WHO?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes. I hate the P word. Really hate it. And I hate Vickie’s. Marketing Ps. Ewwww. I feel unclean there. Necessary evil to buy them. I guess.Why am I not in bed yet? I have to LEAVE here at 6. If I go to bed RIGHT NOW, I’ll get 5 hrs before G wakes up for breakfast. But, first I have to say-Score on $25 on more free Ps!! (of course now you have to think EVEN MORE of that gross voice-over fake british accent saying the P word while girls with fake boobs wearing angel wings strut around, but I digress).

  3. Anonymous says:

    VS is having a clearance online now, so maybe you can shop online and avoid another WWF match. Although the pictures online on VS make me a little crazy too…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Sarah has some new things to tell you all about PANTIES. Ask her this week.