Annikah would like me to apologize for all the comments I made about her being fussy for the past 2 days and would like to submit this photo of her today on our walk to Devon Market as evidence that she is in fact a laid back and groovy chick!
  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the shades grammy got her! I knew the weather would provide her a chance to get out of the house and strut her stuff! šŸ™‚ Grammy R

  2. Anonymous says:

    So obviously Ani is taking after her aunt Jess because this is the style I think we should all be wearing – stripes, patterns, hats, colors of the rainbow and of course ridiculous accessories such as those fabulous sun glasses. So in order to post comments I some how have created a blog. This is completely unnecessary but at least it gives an opportunity to create a humours name of ‘The Worst Blog”. I jumped over to Jason’s blog and the bomb tumbler is a fool who I love – he creates a post in September about how he hasn’t posted since before you left for Italy and that he was going to and he didn’t, then he goes on about tech difficulties in getting back into the bloging, all the while completely FAILING to mention that oh yeah he had a kid! Crack me up! It was so great to talk to you on the phone the other night and I am going to get available dates to you soon in e-mail. But a few more FYI’s that I didn’t get to share – Molly is loving Freshman year at IU and pledge as a Beta Gamma Theta – and the horror, her wardrobe has already turned into all greek lettered sweats. Jeff moved to Iowa to open Obama’s HQ’s in Demoines and will be there at least until the primaries and he got engaged in January. The wedding is set for next July. Stanley is still an old man and is telling me my personal computer time will be limited if I don’t come to bed now – being so late at 9:20pm. I’ll e-mail soon but I will continue to check on the lil monkey.Love, Laughter, and prayers,Jess