It is a time of massive change for our family- our oldest just graduated high school and, as she shared “adulting is terrifying, (more on my complicated feelings about that here) I am here to normalize that it still TRUE as a whole grown ass woman and entrepreneur. AND, we can still take messy steps forward to build a life and business that aligns with us and brings us joy.
As we prepare to relocate our family life and my business across the country, I thought I would share some reminders and encouragement for you (that I need too right now).
Have you ever looked around and felt like you are not doing enough to build your business or the life you want? I know I have. I also know that SO many of us feel that. In my 10+ years as an entrepreneur, “imposter syndrome” doesn’t really ever completely go away.
So how do you move forward when you don’t feel enough? Start by keeping your promises to yourself and just doing what you said you were going to do. Over time, this builds confidence. Want to start a workout routine? Or build a website? Do you want to raise your rates? Or launch that side hustle? JUST START.
Set your first few actions needed to get started on your goal, map out your completion dates, and then get to it! Remember, momentum, like confidence, is built over time. Take that first step and just start!
Some seasons are best for learning and building, others are best for doing, and still others for rest. Paying attention to what season your life and business are in allows you to prep, plan, and work accordingly. Remember, design your business around your life–not the other way around.
Summer is one of the biggest times where I experience this. My kids are around more and I need to work at different times and adjust my goals.  After spending summers feeling frustrated that I am not able to get as much work done, I adjusted the way I think about it; I work hard during the school year SO THAT I can have more flexibility during the summer months. As my oldest prepares to leave the house my Mama heart is reminded that we have such limited time with our kids and I don’t want to spend that time focused on all I am not getting done. I will spend time with my family daily AND prioritize my business in a different yet realistic way for my summer seasons.
Life is a journey. Building your business is a journey. There is so much pressure for women to do and be everything but we just cannot do it all well all the time nor should we feel the pressure to. Let’s normalize making choices that align with us and saying no more. Say no more so you can freely say YES to what matters most. I’ll share more about this in an upcoming newsletter.
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Cheering you on, Roxanne

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