I have to share about my supplements because I know they can help people- I have been researching the benefits of Adaptogens & nootropics for a while, and I’ve tried other brands without any real difference in how I felt so when I tried these products a few months ago, I was skeptical.

Fast-forward to a few months later, and I can say they make a phenomenal difference. The biggest things I’ve noticed:

⚡️ more energy throughout the day
⚡️ the mind supplement really helps me focus and be more productive
⚡️ less cravings for junk
⚡️more restful sleep
⚡️ability to handle every day stress
⚡️ I lost a few pounds even though I did not drastically change my eating or exercise routine (I didn’t want to share this part because at middle age I am way more concerned with my health than with numbers on a scale but it has made a difference)
⚡️ease of routine – I was able to get rid of several supplements because the mind and body combo contain the amounts I was taking separately & easy matters in a life full of chaos

There are no miracle pill claims – if you are eating junk, never exercising and living in a state of toxic stress those are the things that need to be dealt with first, but if you are committed to a healthy lifestyle these supplements might be a huge blessing to you like they have been to me!

Check out the products here.

More on the science here. 

I’m trying to do things to care for myself well so I can be present on my life. If you have any questions, I’m here.