I just wanted to feel better because when you struggle with energy, focus, & health nothing else matters. And now my search for help to feel better took me to Honduras. This will take time to process but I’m so looking forward to this journey. If a more balanced life that focuses on growing, healing, thriving, reducing stress, and serving others is for you we need to talk.

Our work with Oola is not just supplements- I learned this on a recent service trip to Honduras with Rice Bowls.

πŸ’™It is a movement with depth started over a decade ago and is about balancing our lives in 7 key areas.

πŸ’™It is about freeing people from physical , emotional, & financial stress & encouraging people to live into their purpose.

Maybe you’ve seen the books on the NYT best seller list? Maybe you’ve heard of the 2 founders and their Oola bus going state to state teaching people how to go after their dreams.

Check out more about the products here and more about the opportunity here.Β 

Join us.




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