SO many big feelings around here these days. Our oldest, Annikah graduated high school! She did it! We did it! Our first high school graduate in the Engstrom crew. Cue loud, obnoxious cheering and lots of complicated emotions.

To everyone cheering on your kids as they graduate and reach new milestones this is true for me and I hope encourages you; there are so many complex emotions you did not even know would exist until you are experiencing them. It is OK to feel all the things.  


It is such a chaotic season as our second born, Evangeline graduated 8th grade the next day. And our family is moving across the country in just over a month.

So much change and lasts in order to make way for lots of new firsts. Love to everyone launching almost adult kids and feeling all the things.  It is complicated. A friend shared that this season we move from more of parenting to coaching and praying and that seems right- and hard. 

They have got this.

We got this.

Love to you. XOXO, Roxanne


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