Where I found myself in 2016: I had never really recovered from 2 Hyperemesis pregnancies‘- both physically and emotionally.  It was 3 years after my last medically complicated and depleting pregnancy with Abishai and my postpartum and stress related hair loss was just terrible.  I was deleting photos on my phone because you could see my scalp on the sides of my head even when I tried my best to load up on products and tried different styles. Hair is not everything. But it is not nothing.  I spent years covering my hair when we lived overseas so I did not base my worth or beauty on my hair BUT I did just want to feel more confident and I needed easy AND healthy.  

Self compassion and care is something I am still learning.  I decided I would invest and try these products a friend had shared. For me purchasing Monat at the beginning on my journey was a last ditch effort to see if these products could really do what I was seeing them do in a friend’s life.  I mean why not? I had tried so many other products and nothing was changing my hair.  I respected her and knew she would not try to sell me something just to make a buck.  I knew she would help me figure out what was best for me and I had nothing to lose- well except more hair.  I ordered what my husband named “Bougie Shampoo” in June 2018.
BEFORE-dry, broken, thin

I started the products and honestly did not love them at first.  My hair was fried, thinning, and covered in silicones and waxes from cheap shine spray and styling products I was using to try to help my hair look better. Those things were suffocating my hair and stunting new growth and I was hoping for a quick and radical fix.  Like with most transitions to healthier lifestyle choices it was hard at first and has taken time. My hair felt a bit sticky and dull after the first week.  I remember thinking, “I don’t really like this but I spent money on it so I am sticking with it until it is gone.” AND I AM SO GRATEFUL I DID! The transition is not overnight for many people but it is REAL

At the 3 month mark of using the products I started noticing real changes in shine, texture, and tons of new baby hairs growing in the thinning areas. I breathed a huge sigh of relief that I did not waste my dollar billz y’all (I HATE that!) . Then friends started noticing the different and started asking me what I was using.  It was then I had this moment: I could refer them to my friend who I purchased from or I could start this side hustle.  I knew I never wanted to become “that girl” who cold messaged people or pressured anyone (I think we have all been on the receiving end of a message/vibe like that and ugh gross) and I was super skeptical of any MLMs. But I asked the questions: No inventory, no monthly minimums, commissions on what my customers purchase, consumable products that actually work with tons of perks like amazing sales, free shipping, and free products for VIPS. And if you work this as a biz you get paid like a BIZ! 

The first friend I helped hook up with shampoo  was patient because I had no clue what I was doing (thanks Anne) but I learned and kept going. And people loved the products like I did! They had real results and ordered more. There is a great Comp Plan plus incentive trips ( I have already earned 3 even though I used to believe that really never happened for real people), car program, and such an amazing community that encourages one another, shares resources, offers trainings, and is FOR each other.  If I am honest the community is one of the most surprising and life giving parts of adding this to my life

 I was busy and I thought I would not have time but I work this in to my life on my terms and I get to do it with women I love and respect. Our Team: Hope & Health (& a Beautiful Hot Mess) is a huge blessing in my life and we each have our own goals with this but we are not alone.  That is huge in a world that constantly preaches competition and scarcity. We embrace abundance and encouragement. 

Now almost 3 years and I will never use anything else.  And I am loving the side hustle. I help people feel confident with the right products to have their best hair, skin, & wellness AND that helps my family. Win-Win. 

Want in? 

Stress? hormonal shifts? postpartum hair loss? aging caused hair changes? medical hair loss? Just want EASY? 

Want your best hair & skin? Life is to short to use crappy products friends.  Our products are non toxic, leaping bunny certified, & planted based.  But can I be real? I have tried lots of natural products that do not perform. And I’m out. These products actually do what they say AND are products you can feel good about putting on and in your body (and that matters because your scalp absorbs 4 times more than your skin on your arms).  Invest in yourself and see real results. 

Curious about what products would work for your specific needs? Take my Beauty Quiz here or message me!

Curious about adding a side hustle or another stream of income? Spoiler Alert: it is a wicked smart thing to do. Hating on MLMs is so 2000. Don’t hate on something just because you do not understand it. All MLMs are not created equal. For real, open your mind and ask the questions. Or listen to me and some friend chat how this biz looks for us here. Social selling is a real opportunity and it here to stay. If you have time to scroll for 1-2 hours you have time to start to build a biz. Just saying. 

Join us. 

Here to help with your best hair, skin, & wellness and maybe a fun & lucrative side gig, 

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