I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions but I spent time reflecting on 2020 and what all the chaos has to teach me. I tend to be really forward looking & would rather just move forward to the next thing (#ennegram7issues) so for me this is growth. There have been a lot of things I have ignored with the pace of life we had been been living but one of the gifts of 2020 has been a forced slow down. My health has also forced a reevaluation of a lot. 

I AM big on goals but have been learning to set BIG goals but hold them them loosely and trust God through the process.  I want to be more attached the process than outcome. 

I want to keep first things first always.  

What am I leaving behind in 2020?

Allowing doubt & fear keep me from dreaming big and taking risks

Saying YES to things that do not bring me joy or help me live into my purpose

Listening to haters or toxicity. If someone is committed to misunderstanding me I can choose to keep it moving

Anxiety producing noise that I cannot and am not meant to control

What are I taking into 2021?

Being more selective about the voices I give power in my life and being intentional on living radically sold out for God

Taking risks & embracing failure as part of the learning curve

Encouraging others & celebrating them because there is no scarcity 

Valuing my time & expertise

Self compassion & care and rest because I am learning resting & slowing down is not quitting

Believe & live into more of what God says about my & remind others of their belovedness

What are you leaving behind? What are you taking into 2021?


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