It’s Santa Lucia Day! Jason read the kids the story we read every year and share about Swedish traditions including giggle while singing. Other years we have marched through Chicago but today we settled for a quieter day at home. I am still a mess- crying through worship today because the waiting of Advent feels so real in my body that is still not cooperating right now. God often does His best work in my life when I am desperate so I am waiting in what feels like darkness with hope of the light. 

Gathering for Advent day 13. Complete with homemade hot chocolate bombs by Sugar Bos. Made by a 12 year old female entrepreneur in our community- she is amazing!! They are top notch quality!!! 

When you have 3 sisters you do the Santa Lucia gig too

Chewie is longsuffering

Today we also made  basket of treats for all the delivery workers coming by to drop packages-#2020 totally stole the idea from my thoughtful friend Maureen and you can print the letter here. 

How are you celebrating friends?

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