2020 is weird. A lot feels different. We could not really do our tradition of an overnight at a hotel in Chicago but we decided to still go to the city just for the day.  We treated them to a Starbucks and walked around the city. They also had fun giving their Saint Nicholas money to folks as well. Family Adventures in 2020…

when you feel the beat

2020 vibes.

This past summer the park was completely closed so we could not take our summer picture of the kids in the fountain so we walked over this trip- we were the ONLY people there!!! 

the Bean all alone. 

This year we finally made time (what else is going on?) to mak ethe drive over the Home Alone house! It was a big hit.  We drove home made “Little Nero’s Pizza” and massive sundaes!  The “eating junk & watching rubbish” together was a super fun new tradition!  

Happy Christmas week friends, 


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