Here is some of my truth today: it’s easier to show you the smile and I’m mostly an optimist (sometimes to a fault #ennegram7probs). It’s easier to talk about what I’ve learned AFTER I struggle is over- but maybe you are like me & IN something right now that doesn’t feel like it will have a tidy, quick, or triumphant ending. I constantly feel the need to be strong & push down the deep sadness I feel about how my life has & is changing since #MS became part of my story. But here’s where I stand today; for the last few days I have not been able to feel my feet & a pins/ needles pain is a constant reminder of my new normal. This is still me- being real, being unsure of what the future holds, feeling weak, & broke down. This is why I need the gospel. Today I painted my numb toes as a reminder I’m alive, sustained, & vibrant. There is beauty in our struggle friends.


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