This day was a rough day. It was the day back in August that we explained my diagnosis to our kids. 
We decided to take a family selfie because we want to remember our lives more fully- the fun, the joy, the challenge, & the heartbreak. We captured this moment so that we could look back and be reminded of all God will do through this journey. 
Today I went in for another three MRIs to check the progression of MS in my body. I showed this picture to the kids today and asked what have we learned since then? Evy immediately said, “to not be so afraid.” Then our kids laid hands on me this morning & prayed boldly.
My kids are learning to trust in hard places & uncertainty. They are learning we have a community of people who serve & love us without expecting anything in return (like the army that assembled today to take me to my appointment, make me laugh, pick up kids from school, make dinner, & pray. I am currently relaxing in a bath while one such warrior plays games with the kids). They are learning to practice resilience. They are learning their Mama is not invincible & cannot be their everything- a gift because I should never have been trying to be. They are learning Jesus is real & although He doesn’t magically fix everything He enters in & is with us.
I’m ready… let’s do this. 



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