I woke up this morning to dear ones having texted me or sent me pictures of them wearing orange 🧡 today and support and solidarity to mark world MS day. Truth: MS sucks and it is often an invisible illness, meaning that often others do not see the inner struggles of our bodies. MS is a chronic disease that is different for every person who lives with it, one which is hard to predict and even harder to treat. There are no easy answers or quick fixes or a cure (yet).

But one thing I have also realized in sharing this struggle openly is how many of you are also struggling with things that may also be invisible to others (anxiety or depression, other autoimmune diseases, fear, bravely facing your own trauma, pregnancy loss, paralyzing doubt about your own abilities and worth, infertility, broken relationships where it seems hope is lost, body image issues, struggles of faith in the face of desperation and loss, deep grief, parenting children that learn differently or who have experienced trauma, & so many other struggles that we cannot SEE everyday but that are very real.
I see you and I hope you see me too. I don’t need anyone to feel sorry for me or tell me I am a fighter. I already know I am fighting… with lots of ups & downs but with all I’ve got. I also know that God loves me and sees me in this. I reckon with fear of the future & struggle against my worth being wrapped up in my ability to hustle. I have a lot to learn about how to thrive but my life is an amazing gift- especially the hard parts. And I know that while He is asking me to fight and continue on even on the days when I feel like my body is betraying me He is the one that ultimately is fighting on my behalf for joy & abundance.
I am so appreciative of the community of folks that choose to see me & remind me of these things when I forget. I’m grateful for the community of #MSWarriors that I have gotten to know since I was diagnosed- your strength, humor, & openness is a blessing in my life. 🧡And I’m so thankful for the community of my friends and family that are walking with us through this and who have shown such compassion, grace, and grit as I learn what it means to be a #MSwarrior & choose to mourn, rest, ask questions, & fight.
This disease & the enemy of my soul whispers lies to me that I am alone in the moments of pain or struggle but it is not true. And it is not true for you either. You are not alone. There is a fierce community of people doing this life imperfectly and choosing to be vulnerable, encourage one another, see each other, and be FOR one another. Marking #WorldMSDay today by seeing & being seen.



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