May we stay curious about people & not assume we have much of anything figured out. May we assume we have more to learn from others than we have to give. May we understand that while complex social issues are complicated & we cannot “fix” them we are still called to love at all times.  May we choose to see & be quick to obey the call to serve & love even when it costs us. 
And may we always seek to be a blessing. 

This was our prayer as Evy and I headed into the city to serve breakfast & spend time with the residents of Breakthrough’s Women’s center early this week. It was a small thing but for Evy it was her response to God’s nudgingThere is something to what Jesus said about becoming like little children. I learn again and again from my children that what my apathy or hard heart has over looked God cares deeply about.  Jason & I volunteered with Breakthrough years ago BK (before kids) every Friday night so it was a blessing to be back and see all that God has done in this organization; a new family center and a men’s shelter as well.

This was a long time coming for Evy who really felt God stirring her to enter in to hard parts of our world- and we want to encourage her to go there; not with a simplistic fix but curiosity about what God might be teaching her and what He has to say about people He dearly loves. She was so excited to deliver almost $300 of her birthday party money given by generous friends & family (thank YOU so much!!) and the money that we would have spent on a Christmas gift for her to impact others. She pushed a cart around and served donuts and then asked to sit with some of the residents and asked them about their lives, of course with a little prompting from Mama.  I loved the rich stories and wisdom they shared with her and I had a front row seat to watch my daughter becoming more of who God is calling her to become.  On our car ride back she shared through tears about how grateful for the experience.  I told her I was proud of her and want to celebrate her choosing compassion. It can so often turn to apathy once we listen to the narratives of other-ing in our culture so we need to practice and learn to flex the muscle of compassion spurred on by God’s love and not count on our own energy or smarts. I told Evy I think she is pretty awesome for flexing her compassion muscles so young. May she always keep learning & not let her spicy fire to love others go out- I think God loves it.

Mama- daughter time well spent. Learn more about supporting the work of Breakthrough here. And UPDATE: there is a matching grant for ALL new donors so GIVE & see it doubled!!!



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