This picture makes me tear up. It’s been a good💕 & hard year but this is what I know: 
1. Teachers who are committed to learning how to best love the kids & families in front of them are my heroes. (See one such hero pictured) 
2. Advocating for our kids & teaching them to advocate for themselves is painful & often means we need to do our own internal work. (Still working on this)
3. Praying & trusting that God is FOR our kids is not a cop- out…. for me the hardest & best work I’ve done this year has been on my knees & through tears. (Still a mess & still praying through tears)
This girl won a breakfast with her teacher & when you struggle with trusting adults will follow through this day coming true was BIG. We picked out a blingy dress & talked about this all week. And this morning she bounded from the minivan at 7:44am excited to eat a vanilla long john with this teacher who has been committed to learn to love & lead our dear girl well. And I bought my big camera & made a huge deal of it all because we mark things that matter.



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