I’m not gonna lie. Today started a little bit rough with leg pain & burning (#mssucks )that can make me feel crazy some days. Then in the midst of my own chaos I was invited into truth telling with a friend & suddenly I was reminded we are not alone. 
I am reminded that overcoming is not always a destination- it is most often a process and hundreds of small choices every day. My challenges may be small to some and not the same as anyone else but I know that when one of us rises we all rise. Being together allows us to remind each other of our strength.
I am so privileged in this work of visual storytelling to meet people that are overcoming so much in their daily lives. I’m reminded that often we need to risk, do the next right thing, & be brave enough to admit what we don’t know & be open to learning. God is good & He will teach us.
Give yourself grace today- you are overcoming & it’s a journey. Invite others in & celebrate the hard parts & small victories. Keep learning about yourself & others.
I want to hear about what you are dreaming about in your head and heart today?
What is hard today? What are you celebrating?
And if your dreams are obscured by the every day realities and struggles join me and taking a deep breath today & surround yourself with vulnerability (hint: you go first and others will follow). Be encouraged friends!!



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