This image is from a couple years ago. What you don’t see in this photo is the laughing out loud my husband & I did on the way up- because learning to laugh at myself is a gift I have found keeps on giving. You don’t see or our embrace at the top because we were both keenly aware that after a really tough year we were overwhelmed with gratefulness- we knew we just shared an amazing experience freaking climbing a waterfall- what is known as “Sticky Falls” in Bua Tong, Thailand.
You also don’t see us getting lost & frustrated on our rented moped on the way & the difficulty of trying to get directions with a language barrier. You don’t see how awkward I looked trying to climb- trust me- hot mess- or the hour spent with rain pelting down on my face while I tried to climb up the waterfall & how I almost quit & turned back numerous times.
I have been thinking a lot lately about my desire to have these mountaintop experiences but that in reality most of life is experienced on the way up. When we only focus on that one moment we over simplify the journey. And when we only focus on other’s shining moments we only think about all we could be or should be. This is why journeying together matters so much because we need to tell the full story.
There is no scarcity friends – we can recklessly celebrate each other living into who we are & not worry that means there is less joy or success or life for us. God is a God of abundance.
I often look to the mountain top moments but I’m learning to appreciate that those moments are made more special not because they are perfect but because they are part of the journey- and that celebrating whatever step in the journey I find myself today is what matters- what inspires- what encourages. So whether you are laughing with joy or crying because the rain pelting you feels overwhelming get out there and trust that your life & your story matter. Don’t hide your talent or light OR your fear or darkness because you are comparing yourself to what the world tells you you should be. Let’s focus on where we are right now & the vast possibilities of that place. I am writing this mostly because I need to be reminded myself but maybe you need a reminder today too. Blessings on the journey friend.



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