I’ve been thinking a lot lately about encouragement. About how much it means when a friends sends a note or calls again even though I spaced and never called back just to speak words of life to me.  It is why I am ok right now- still a hot mess- but ok.   One of the reasons I believe that we will get through this all is because YOU have spoken words of life over me. God’s provision of kind people in my life to encourage has changed who I am & I think and pray a lot about how to offer that being seen, encouragement, & affirmation to others. I’m not very good at it but it is worth fighting for it- to always grow.  I can never give what has been given to me but I will wear myself out trying because encouragement shifts something deep inside- it allows space for healing where there was once decay and it allows new growth where there was once only hard ground. 

 I have been praying for more of that in my kids and people’s lives.
Because life is hard.
And wonderful.

After a bit of a rough start to this school year that evolved into negative self talk our girl came home with this note today. We screamed, we danced, we are eating way too many sweets to celebrate, and we are speaking LIFE that encourages her today. We are speaking words we have spoken so. many. times. AGAIN and AGAIN but they have a new weight today because her teacher noticed. And affirmed her effort. And she is glowing.  We also reminded her that on the rough days she is just as lovely and loved. But encouragement along the journey matters friends. She has it written all over her face. 

Yes, life is hard & it is beautiful- keep growing friends and if you need encouragement today I am praying you find it- and even before we receive may we offer it to each other because it shifts our worlds, it changes our trajectory, & gives us the audacity to be brave to know others are FOR US. 
My we offer encouragement & kindness freely today because speaking words of life to another is NEVER wasted,



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