Halloween 2018 was a great one. We kept up the tradition of the family costumes with Star Wars this year and Bibi joined in along with Mel & Ryder #cutestYoda (I LIVE for this stuff). I love that even though we have a Jr Higher she still gets excited for what we will be each year! I scoured Good Will for months & convinced friends to join my Halloween sweatshop & hot glued the crap out of a lot of it (don’t look close). Plus, you might recognize the R2D2 throwback!!! We defended our first place in our community’s Family Costume category again (I think Chewbacca as an Ewok pushed us over 🙂 & had a blast enjoying beautiful weather and lots of friends at the Trick of Treat Trail- Jason as our favorite Chewbacca even got to launch a pumpkin from a crane & became an instant celeb in his costume.

Recovering from surgery AND being at the kid’s school all day AND trick or treating means I am hurting today but we had a blast with friends, family, and neighbors! Here are some of my favorite moments from Halloween 2018.

Happy sugar rush friends, 
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