Epic first day of school so far & so many feels. 

We all went to take Annikah to her first day at the junior high. What the actual heck!?! She was 4 like 20 minutes ago!!! She arrived to a little red carpet and teachers and the principal cheering for all the new students. She panicked a little because #lockers but managed to get it open on her own with the chaos all around her and found a few familiar faces that set her at ease. She is a confident sensitive spirit and also I am a mess that she is growing up so fast.  I was glad I brought my big sunglasses to conceal my tears as I hugged her and her friend & told them I would be praying for them today. 

Then we all made it over to the grade school for first day of 2nd grade for one Miss E who is spunky & ready for any challenge! This year begins with a huge milestone of a first day of kindergarten for a brave & resilient little girl who has had so much new in the last few years. 

We greeted & hugged so many friendly faces that make this such a wonderful & welcoming community and I felt so grateful for this place where my kids are growing, learning, and loved.

We stayed as long as we could (or until Abishai was climbing the windows) & made our exit with hugs, kisses, and our family motto “be a blessing” & our not so sly hand signal. 
More tears. 

I decided to squeeze in a quick workout and then at 10 AM realized I had not had anything to eat or drink (#hangry) so I headed over to my favorite coffee shop only to order and realize my wallet was NOT in my bag (I panicked for a hot minute and then remembered it was in my camera bag from last night’s shoot). A kind woman with two little kids ran up to the register and paid for my coffee and breakfast before I could even object. Of course I said it was not necessary at all but she insisted.  Unexpected kindness can transform both the giver and receiver.  This morning of big feels it was such a blessing because it reminds me that being seen; even if just in our forgetful moment, means we are valued.  We talked about the first day of school stuff while we waited for our lattes and I hugged her and started crying again. Kindness can unnerve us and it awakens us and this morning I experienced it in the form of a latte from another dear Mama & a welcome to school for our most precious of people.  

Mommin’ ain’t easy friends but I am so grateful for the community that surrounds me in this journey.  How is it that last week I could.not.wait.for these people to get out of the house and now I am on the verge of tears because the only sound in my home right now is Abishai chucking Legos at the wall? 
Oh Motherhood: you mess with me so hard core but all has the power to transform and there is so much Grace.  Happy first day of school, 

  1. Anonymous says:

    Annikah is beautiful with her curly hair and adorable dress! They all look so grown up excited and ready for a ne year! ❤️

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love this! Especially A chucking Lego's. The only sound in my house after about 9:12AM was my girly saying, “Okay. We go get Xander now. It's okay. We go get him…”

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing! Anni looks so big and gorgeous. Sweet little lady! May it be a blessed year for all kids and for you as wel!!!