We crushed this summer- we had family adventures that meant we fell into our beds exhausted at night & lazy days of still being in our PJs until 12.  Our summer bucket list is worn & almost complete.  We road tripped, ate junk food for days, & had swim suits that barely dried before we were packing them up again for the next adventure.  We lake-housed with family. We spent time in our old stomping grounds & celebrated all the glorious sunshine.  W washed chlorine & sand out of EVERYWHERE.  We read lots of books.  We all have scrapes from biking (& falling) until street lights came on.  We traveled.  We spent intentional time with dear friends and family catching up and listening to each other’s stories.  We have tan lines & bug bites to show for hours spent outdoors and the warm long nights of summer.

Summer is my favorite but always at this time of year I am ready for a bit more of a schedule (and for these peeps to not be up in my grill 24/7). Big changes for us this school year: littlest starting preschool 3 days a week, R starting kindergarten, E in 2nd grade, & our oldest starts Jr. High!! On to new adventures!!!

It has been a great summer: our hearts are full & our bodies are tired.  And now we are ready for a new school year. We have the war paint and fierce faces to show just how serious we are about slaying this school year.
Happy last days of summer friends,


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