I have been a COMPLETE and TOTAL blog slacker but this crazy life continues to not allow much time for sharing stories here. And also summer means these 4 little will never leave 🙂 I have also been really busy with Hawa Images which is exciting!!
I wanted to share some images from our annual Family Camp vacay with the fam. We were so blessed to be able to spend time with family & friends that are family. We absolutely love this place and it did not disappoint once again. Here are some of our adventures….

family camp obligatory selfie- everyone headed to camp always posts and we love this tradition!

It was a fabulous week and our kids adored our family helpers. Highlights this year: Our sweet girl trying the tree climb and (and so many new things) and overcoming fears, Evy passed the swimming in the deep end test for the first time, Abishai LOVED the horse rides and got his first chance to select canteen treats (a clear highlight for this sweet lovin’ boy, Joy and Titus joining us and traveling there and back, Abishai trying the bungee trampoline and flying so high, Anni taking arena lessons and a trail ride, Evy’s magic show at the talent show, special prayer time, Jason and I trying the Leap of Faith high ropes course together, the annual J vs Rox archery showdown (ummm…I won thsi year y’all! bragging right adn trash talking begin now),  late night talked through laughter and tears,& extended time with dear family.  As we pulled away from camp with crying kids I asked “What was the best part of camp?” to which Evy replied through sobs “ALL OF IT!” This time away from daily life is such a blessing!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi RoxLooks like a wonderful family-time – at least, what I can see on your big pics. Thanks for sharing and updating your blog :-)Unfortunately I can only see the pics half, as they are to big. And this is sad! Blessingsdoro