About a year ago the girls and I watched this video and ever since then Evy has wanted to donate her hair “because some people are bald cuz they are sick and I want them to have my hair.” I love that this idea was birthed by seeing another little girl who wanted to help others.  It has been a long time growing her hair out folks!  And this long suffering mama was glad the day finally arrived because yeah! no more tangled tresses each morning. She insisted we keep her Big Transformation a secret and when Jason arrived home from work we announced her as “the new Evy” from the other room and she leaped in to show off her new look and told Papa about the people her hair would help. We are mailing her 3 little pony tails off tomorrow morning to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths (more on why we chose Pantene here) and I’m so proud Evy stuck to her goal.  Anni cheered her on and I snapped pictures and smiled as she giggled through her haircut today.

This is a very small thing but one that nurtures her spirit of love and concern for others and I am proud of our little Evy Imani and her big haircut today.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Aww this is so sweet! and inspiring! Cant wait to congratulate her!!