J was busy Saturday morning so the kids and I invited some friends to hit the sledding hill. We went with 3 families from India and two had never tried sledding before so we had a blast!!  Of course in full disclosure Anni flipped 5 minutes in and face planted and spent the rest of the hour we spent sledding whining.  And on Abishai’s first trip down the hill we hit a bump, flew off, and both face planted! Despite this rather rough intro to the world of sledding he kept pointing and begging to go down again. He did this big hill 4 times! It was a beautiful winter day with lots of sunshine and friends.

snack break…and notice the waterproofing of his shoes. Totally how we roll.

a few iphone pics that must be included to tell the full story.

the reality of sledding with kids. Oh the drama.

Mama selfie shot

My babe and I on his first time sledding. Ok, Winter you can depart now…we have had our fun,



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