We may be a little cray planning a family vacation a week before we pack up our lives and move (and leaving camp the last day and driving straight to our house closing added a lil excitement too!) but you would too for this awesome camp!! We went 2 years ago but last year I was too sick to survive the car ride so this year we were all over it. And lots of family and friends made it a fabulous week! Add that to the yummy food you do not have to plan or cook or clean up, the awesome activities, great teaching, and the “magical” family helpers each family is assigned to help you with your kids it is our favorite family time of the year. Highlights included a night zipline ride, a kayak trip WITH my husband (seriously when does that ever happen in my real life), Anni’s arena lessons, and Evy climbing all the way to the top of the tree climb (see video).   Seriously join us next year!! Warning: TONS of pictures of the fabulous-nes follow…

bungee trampoline

Evy tried to flip over but ended up hanging upside-down and loving it. I love this picture of her cousins laughing

Abishai wasn’t quite old enough for ziplining and tree climbing but he loved the food. Clearly.

Evy, Emma, and Claire killed it in their Little Dudes horse class everyday.

During the first class the counselors asked “what is really important to do when approaching the horses?” and Evy SCREAMED “to be really quiet!” Yep, my child for sure.

Anni got to take Arena lessons this year and ride by herself on a trail ride the last day.

Both girls made it to the top of the tree climb!

Evy listening to how to climb and deciding “that is easy mama!” I seriously could not believe she did it!

Auntie Jorie and Claire cheering everyone on

Between naps Abishai enjoying flirting with the family helpers

and he LOVED the beach although you can not tell from this picture (it was too funny not to post)

cannon ball!

and of course there was blobbing!!

and lots of cousin time

frog catchin’ was BIG y’all!

One night there is even a date night where kids hang out, eat dinner, and watch a movie with the family helpers and parents get to go out!! I’m saying!! This camp thinks of everything and knows how to bless families with young kids!

our date night crew enjoyed

archery with papa and although I hate to admit it and despite my ONE warm up round Jason kicked my butt this year in our archery contest.  And since we take this VERY seriously (umm, since we ONLY do archery once a year at this camp) he now has bragging rights until I reclaim my rightful position as winner!

I was trying channel Katniss but…alas…J killed it! (oh how it pains me to admit that)

The kids also enjoyed ice blocking and mountain boarding this year. I think the best part is watching them!!! Seriously hilarious!

Check out some of the fun: Our family will definitely make this a summer tradition so please feel free to join us where there is no cell service but there IS fun, amazing people, great food, challenging teaching, and an abundance of new activities!  The last night during worship Anni came over with tears in her eyes for hugs and told me she was so sad camp had to end and that the words in the song about Jesus made her so happy she cried, “you can cry because you are happy right mama?” Totally. I’m so grateful we got the opportunity to get away as a family before this new chapter of our lives begins. Speaking of that I should probably be packing or something….



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