The Taj did not disappoint y’all! It only took 4 months for me to finally finish posting about my time in India. My last stop was Agra to see one of the most well known buildings full of legend and history; the Taj Mahal.  Check out more images and info from my last two days in India today on Hawa Images.

photo by Tricia Lombardi. (thanks girl!!)
I photographed this group and then they insisted I join them…have I mentioned how welcoming and amazing the people of India were to us?
Capturing images from one of the most photographed buildings in the world was daunting but I quickly realized the real story for me was the people there to visit the Taj.
I count it all blessing I was able to travel to India and see this corner of God’s amazing creation. The world is too vast and beautiful not to explore.
Happy travels, 



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