It is hard to describe how much I love the smell of curry or the bright colors of saris or the buzz of different languages being spoken in conversations of people as they walk past me.  I just feel alive and full of questions and the need to seek answers.  This week I joined some lovely friends to explore Devon. These women inspire and encourage me! They are real and fierce and fabulous.

This area of Chicago is so interesting and you can easily forget you are in Chicago when shopping in a back room of a small textile shop.  The area has been settled by many immigrant groups ranging from Pakistani Americans and Indian Americans to Assyrian Americans to Orthodox Jews.  It is such an interesting place and combined with it being Ramadan it made for a fabulous night of activity and girl time.  
first stop was henna with the lovely ladies at Kanza’a Salon
Next was browsing the beautiful and vibrant fabrics in the shops. The beautiful and amazing Ginny showed us around and bargained for the best deals. It helps that she speaks Hindi! We got the hook up!

I finally got a petticoat to wear under my sari from India!


And of course we ended the evening with laughter, girl talk, and lots of Indian food. The restaurants and streets soon filled up with folks enjoying the Iftar meal.  The world is a vast place and we can experience so much of it right here. I am grateful for friends, food, culture, and the time to soak it all in. 



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