These girls threw down at the Design Dance recital on Saturday. I seriously live for this stuff! The parents were told we could sneak down to the front to take a few pictures as long as we were discreet. I seriously thought to myself ‘discreet I am not’ (nor have ever been) with my HUGE camera and you know I cannot resist screaming and hollering for my girls! I think I managed to tone it down to an acceptable level.

Evy’s class opened the show with an awesome rendition of “Without You”

seriously this girl in a leotard kills me!! Plus she wanted stars on her face “cuz Mama stars is fancy for dancing.” Totally.

love that mostly kids waved at their parents and did not pay attention. Ah, toddler dance classes. Bless these teachers!
Evy’s class was called Jazznastics and involved a wee bit of tumbling. And by tumbling I mean the teacher flipping them over.

Anni was in Miss Maya’s Hip Hop with a little break dancing thrown in and she worked it out! I love that she gives it her all. She was so excited she got to be in the front row.

Miss Maya is the coolest

Check out Anni in the cypher!! Woot! Woot!

these girls have been in dance together for 2 years

and Anni’s friend from school joined the class this year and I think they have the ‘we are hard core’ posing down.

our man folk cheered the girls on

And all these amazing women came to support my girls. We felt so blessed! I can’t get enough of our girls and their moves and I love to see them building confidence and sharing this experience with friends. But the bottom line: I’m so that obnoxious proud mama. And I like it.
Keep dancing y’all,

  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome job, girls! Can't wait to see it in person next time… yay! You both rock!