So I suppose I should be all professional like and pretend I’m not super excited but I just gotta say I’m feeling a bit totally pumped to have the opportunity to show some of my photographs at a coffee shop this month.  For a gal that spends most of her day wiping butts and cleaning spit up off my neck it just feels a bit surreal that I am able to move forward with Hawa Images and make some of my dreams a reality.  I’m so grateful for the opportunity to develop my craft and learn and grow.  Please come by and check out some select images for sale! Any and all purchases are also support my upcoming trip to India with the International Guild of Visual Peacemakers (more soon cuz seriously soooo excited). If you are interested in purchasing any prints or greeting cards but cannot make it to the show let me know or visit my website.
So, join me for a latte at The Common Cup in our old ‘hood Rogers Park, If you can brave SnowMageddon in Chiberia that is.  


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