We spent Christmas Eve night & Christmas Day with my family in the burbs. Of course we were late to the service since my MO these days is a mix of ridiculous poor planning panic & last minute chaos. Case in point I did not even pick out “Christmas outfits” for the kids (or myself for that matter) until about 3pm on Christmas Eve and which point Annikah decided she would wear one of Evy’s sweaters (cuz that makes perfect sense).  I instructed her to go upstairs to get her black leggings on and when she emerged from her room I noticed huge holes in the knee where the fabric had apparently disintegrated on its own since one Miss A had no memory of how it happened (to leggings that were less than 2 weeks old..ahem).  Evy also decided she wanted to wear her cowboy boots and there was no reasoning with her so we just rolled with it. Abishai pooped two minutes before we were planning to leave just to add some excitement to the mix.  No wonder I walked out of the house with only one earring in. Such is life.
Abishai loves his Auntie Katy
Jason Dad also joined us on Christmas Day since Justin & Annie went and had a baby on Christmas Eve 🙂 (yeah for baby Charlie!!) so Bibi Rhoda had to jet plane it down asap. The girls showed their appreciation for having Babu around by pestering and tackling him.
My sister took the girls to see Zoo lights at Brookfield. It was crazy beautiful & chilly!
We made use of the wagon the kids got for Christmas (thanks Mom!) and sang carols to the animals and enjoyed the lights with breaks every so often to drink hot chocolate or eat guacamole.
I love that my brother’s dog photo bombed this picture and that Abishai is completely NOT feeling it. Such is life. Not picture perfect but real and blessed.


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