untitled-60We continue to celebrate Advent every night (and the one night we arrived home too late there were tears).  It is far from perfect or peaceful some days and this past week we even had some excitement when while blowing out the candles Miss Evy lit her hair on fire.  My Mama lightening quick reflexes meant she is only rocking the asymmetrical bangs but yikes! But even on the crazy days we so look forward to this time.  The girls are able to recite much of the scripture because we reread it every day and Jason and I often catch each other’s eye and smile knowing we are blessed.
On St Nicholas day we read a story about him and discussed the legend and the real man.  Although admittedly we left out the possible beheadings. We talked about the stories passed down that in his generosity he gave gold coins to people in need.  The next morning the girls awoke to “gold” chocolates and a dollar in their shoes that they could use to do something for someone else.  They were pretty excited.
The girls and I then headed to a church in the city that hosts a St. Nicholas festival where the kids can make crafts and buy presents for their family in a little store run by volunteers.  I totally had flashbacks to the Secret Santa stores we used to have at school when I was growing up!
“That Santa guy was a little weird but I got me a candy!!”
They got to shop for family and each item was a dollar! The volunteers were so kind and the girls loved shopping and then not telling what they got for each other.  Although Evy did tell me “Mama, I give you one hint. Your present is pretty and you wear it on your wrist.” So yeah, we might have to go over the concept of a hint.
I think their favorite part was hanging out and watching the volunteers wrap the gifts.
 The church won my heart with this guy dressed like Elf and hand cutting snowflakes for everyone.
We also spent one day of Advent picking out and packaging up treats and gifts for some of our favorite Wazungu overseas.  We always loved getting packages and are excited for our friends to open these (inshallah they will arrive within 2 weeks)!
There is much going on and it is a busy season but in lighting the candles and remembering the waiting we pray our hearts are prepared and our souls yearn for Him,


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